Tools needed to manage noise in your company

White papers, posters to relay your noise risk awareness actions or inform your employees of the importance of wearing their custom hearing protection 100% of the time spent on noise, Cotral Lab provides you with a range of tools to help you implement your noise reduction solution to protect your employees' hearing.

The 6 essential elements to understand and combat the dangers of noise at work

Reduce the risk of noise at work

With this guide, discover the 6 essential elements to understand and fight against noise in your company and initiate preventive actions: why noise is harmful, the importance of hearing protection, legislation and best practices.

Download the guide on the 6 essential elements

8 key points to choose your hearing protection

Choose your hearing protection

Discover the 8 key points to consider when choosing hearing protectors for your employees in compliance with the EN458 standard. Disposable caps, hoops, headbands, molded and preformed caps, compare the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Download the guide on choosing hearing protection