The hearing health market has different types of custom hearing protection devices on offer.

Comfort, communication, easy to use... 8 elements are essential when it comes to selecting the most suitable hearing protection for your employees. And each type measures up to some extent. Let's focus on Cotral hearing protection point by point.

Qeos, your employees' custom-made hearing protection

Comfort for hearing protection worn 100% of the time when exposed to noise

Comfortable hearing protection will be worn much longer and more regularly in noisy environments. Wearing the protector must be such a pleasant experience that your employees forget they're even wearing it.

Custom-made hearing protection is perceived as the most comfortable protection on the market. Indeed, it fits the ear canal perfectly and adapts to all morphologies. Cotral Lab regularly innovates the manufacturing process of its moulded earplugs to ensure an ever more comfortable fit so that the protector is worn 100% of the time when exposed to noise.

Your employees will gradually reach the stage where they'll be wearing their hearing protectors constantly.

Communication for employee safety

Employees will wear their hearing protection 100% of the time in a noisy environment if they can still communicate without taking it off and if they can correctly perceive their workplace environment.

Fitted with acoustic filters, custom-made hearing protection doesn't isolate employees. They can continue communicating, even in a noisy environment. They don't need to raise their voices to be heard! Your employees are less stressed and wear their protectors more easily.

Unlike some protectors that completely block out listening, Cotral moulded earplugs allow all warning signals to be heard. This is a real guarantee of safety for you and your employees.

Easy-to-use hearing protection

Employee acceptance and approval of hearing protection will be more forthcoming if it's easy to put on and keep clean. It must also be easy to use for your teams.

Custom-made hearing protection by Cotral is very easy to insert. A red mark identifies the right ear. Then simply insert it into the ear canal. Maintenance is simple too. Your employees can clean the surface of their protectors in a few minutes using a foam product and wipes.

Cotral moulded earplugs are delivered in individual packs. All you have to do is distribute them to your employees. With a 6-year warranty, they provide long-term safety: no stocks to manage, online and phone support, and the possibility of checking their effectiveness with a CAPA test.

PPE compatibility for added safety

In some situations, wearing head protection, a mask or goggles in addition to hearing protection is recommended.

Custom-made hearing protection by Cotral makes this double protection possible. It guarantees the user safety and freedom of movement.

CE certification – the sign of a serious supplier

Custom hearing protection must be CE certified. When it includes an acoustic filter (whether it's a custom-made or finned protector), the end piece + filter combination must be certified.

Simply put, a supplier must be able to provide you with certification for the protector and filter.

If he provides you with certification just for the filter, then he is non-compliant with the PPE Directive. This is a very important point to bear in mind because the attenuation may be completely different. Your employees are at risk of being overprotected or, conversely, insufficiently protected.

The ideal attenuation zones of custom hearing protection

Cotral Lab certifies all its protection + filter combinations. Choosing Cotral custom-made hearing protection is a guarantee of effective protection.

Hearing protection hygiene in every workplace environment

Handling a hearing protector must be possible whatever the circumstances, including employees whose hands are dirty.

Cotral moulded earplugs are fitted with handles. Your employees can put them on and take them off easily without transferring bacteria into their ear canals.

High tolerance for the well-being of your employees

Custom hearing protection has to be well tolerated by the employee. To achieve this, the materials have to be adapted and not cause irritation or itching.

Custom-made hearing protection by Cotral is made in a biocompatible resin. It supports prolonged contact with the skin.

Respecting job and business constraints

Custom hearing protection has to adapt to specific job and business constraints. An employee working in the construction industry has different constraints to the agri-food industry.

Cotral Lab earplugs take these requirements into account. So in order to comply with the International Food Standard (ISF) in the agri-food industry, a detectable cord and bead are offered as an option.

Working in the construction industry involves different needs: a cord and clip to limit losses, protectors that are easy to handle even with gloves, a suitable level of protection adapted to high sound intensities, a design that allows double protection, and a handy case for safe storage.

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