Hearing protection

Disposable earplugs, custom moulded earplugs, earmuffs, etc. Many solutions exist to protect hearing in your company. Which model to choose? For what use? In this category, find out how to choose the PICB best suited to your employees' needs.

hearing protection of the future

How to choose the best hearing protector for the food industry? What criteria should you consider?

hearing protection of the future

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taking ear impressions

Discover the steps in an ear impression session, from raising awareness to receiving your custom earplugs.

Qeos, comfortable and effective custom-made hearing protection

8 key points guide the selection of the best adapted custom hearing protection. How does custom-made hearing protection measure up?

Hearing protection: the story on video

The world of hearing protection has evolved a lot since the first custom hearing protection appeared in 1939. Discover these developments on video.

Ask your employees about their current hearing protection

There are many things you need to consider when it comes to choosing suitable custom hearing protection. So if you could only keep one, which one would it be?

How are your Cotral Lab moulded ear plugs made ?

The comfort of hearing protection is a key element in the success of your struggle against occupational deafness. It is difficult to match the moulded caps because they can be worn for a whole day's work. How are they made? Discover it in this article!

Which IHPD is best suited to your requirements ?

The choice of IHPD impacts on the success of your action to prevent noise damage: a PPE that is not suitable will not be worn. So how do you identify which is the most suitable?

5 conventional wisdoms on hearing protection

Custom hearing protectors are expensive ... The more the sound is attenuated, the more the employee is protected... What is it really? How to deal with these findings?